Hotel Ouarzazate

Hotel ait ben Haddou

Hotel Telouet

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Chambre single
  • Room for 1 person
  • Single bed with half board
  • Shower and bathroom
50€ Book
Chambre Double
  • Room for 2 persons
  • Double bed half board
  • Shower & bathroom
77€ Book
Chambre Triple
  • Room for 3 persons
  • 1 Double Bed + 1 Single half board
  • shower & bathroom
99€ Book
  • Suite for 2 people
  • Double bed with half board
  • Moroccan lounge
  • shower & bathroom
100€ Book
  • Suite for 2 people
  • Double bed with half board
  • Moroccan lounge
  • shower & bathroom
115€ Book

Tourist tax: € 2 per person per day surcharge
Children under 5 years: free hosted in parents' room

Hôtel telouet

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